The Storm

The Storm is a children’s picture book by Akiko Miyakoshi. The story begins with our narrator looking forward to a promised trip to the beach. His excited turns to dread when he learns about a powerful storm that’s on its way. The story follows the boy’s emotional journey while the storm looms overhead.

Published by Kids Can Press, Akiko writes the story from the child’s perspective. This narration style takes a manageable situation and distorts it.

To escape the sound of the wind and rain, the boy goes to bed. He dreams that he’s on a large ship in the midst of a storm. The young child stands at the bow of the ship, keeping watch of the black clouds he’s heading into. He moves into the crow’s nest, just before the darkness engulfs the ship.

Before waking, the boy sails the ship through the storm and into calmer waters. When he emerges from his dream, he discovers that the sunshine has returned. Our narrator is victorious over the storm.

It’s the perfect day for the beach.

The Storm is about the power of imagination to see us through fear. The dream sequence is a wonderful example of how children deal with unknown threats. The boy seeks refuge from the storm in his subconscious.

I wish I had a ship with big propellers that would spin stronger winds to drive the storm away. The ship sails into the black clouds. I keep watch.

Akiko’s charcoal illustrations are as striking as ever. Her art style elevates the story to another level. From the picture’s angles to the character’s expressions, the illustrations drew me in.

While not my favourite book by Akiko, this is an inventive story about fear and imagination. You can find a copy of The Storm online or at major bookstores.

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