The Kissing Hand

The Kissing Hand is a wonderful book that helps children cope with being away from their parents when they go to school. Young children may struggle with separation anxiety after a significant life transition, such as a divorce. This book is an excellent resource for such moments.

The Kissing Hand gently reassures children that parents are always around, even if you can’t see them. The story helps children understand that parents never forget them, so they don’t have to worry about being apart.

This book provides children with a creative and loving way to stay connected to their parent when they’re separated.

In the story, the parent kisses the child’s palm and tells them that their love will be there all day. The child only has to open their palm and put it to their cheek to feel the parent’s love.

Since a life stressor like a divorce could trigger anxiety in children during separations and absences, children may begin to worry that they might never see their parent again.

Children may also be concerned that something bad could happen, leaving them ‘abandoned and alone.’ Thus, going to school could elicit anxiety after a divorce.

The book also addresses the critical message of ‘permanence’ for young children. The story is heartwarming and shows the child that just because you aren’t with your parent, doesn’t mean you’re forgotten. It reminds the child that parents will always be available to them.

The Kissing Hand is a beautiful story with lovely illustrations. The book moves children from a place of worry and distress to feeling loved and secure.

Although this book is often used for school anxiety, I’ve used it in a different way. I have frequently read it with children of divorce and separation anxiety, and it works well.

I recommend The Kissing Hand to parents, grandparents, and other caregivers. It’s a helpful resource for young children experiencing separation anxiety after a divorce.

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