The Little Prince

The Little Prince Read-Aloud Storybook takes inspiration from the novella by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. The recent film gave publishers a chance to introduce the classic story to a new generation.

This edition uses the stop-motion animation style of the film to prepare readers for the unique journey. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, the story is a faithful to the source material.

Reading The Little Prince is to go on an adventure as large as the smallest planet and as unique as a single rose. It’s a beautiful story filled with poetic language that sweeps across the pages.

The story begins when a stranded pilot meets a young prince in the desert. On their walk across the vast land, the prince tells the pilot about his home and his pilgrimage to the desert.

Before leaving his planet, he saved it from destruction by managing the baobab seeds that threatened it. One day he came across a sprig unlike any other, which bloomed into a flower of unmatched beauty.

Soon the flower’s vanity began to torment the prince, causing him to flee to escape his sadness. This departure leads to him encountering other planets and their rulers.

First, he came across a king who saw himself filled with power, although none existed. Next, the little prince went to an empty planet where a vain man declared himself to be the best person in the world.  His last stop brought him to a world occupied by a man enslaved by numbers.

After coming to Earth, the prince wandered into a garden filled with roses. They look just like the single flower he left behind. In his despair, the young prince began to weep. It wasn’t long before a small fox appeared.

The fox explained what it means to tame something and the shift in perspective it creates. It’s a powerful part of the story that swells with meaning and subtext.

Once some time has passed, the prince prepares to move on. As the time to leave draws near, the young prince sees that the fox is sad. That’s when this exchange happens:

“Then what’s the point?”

“The point,” said the fox, “is the color of the wheat. That’s my secret. It’s very simple: One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything that is important is invisible to the eye.”

The story catches up to the present day with the pilot and the prince in the desert. They travel across the sand until they reach a well that sits beside the ruin of an old stone wall.

The next morning the pilot sees the price speaking to a venomous snake. He manages to catch the small, pale boy before he falls to the ground. The little prince tells the pilot that he’s going home, but not before giving the pilot a gift.

The prince tells the pilot that he will give him stars that know how to laugh. The book concludes the next morning when the prince vanishes. The final page shows the pilot listening to the stars.

This edition of the classic novella is an excellent reproduction of the original story. The visuals match the tone of the book and breathe new life into the adventure. It’s the perfect story for readers of any age.

Whether you decide to buy this edition or another, The Little Prince is a must-own for every family. I included the video for the movie adaptation below.

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