Les Misérables

The Manga Classic adaptation of Les Misérables condenses one of the greatest novels of the 19th century into a graphic novel that is both accessible and enjoyable for readers of any age.

I was nervous about reading this story because I thought it would be filled with long narratives and drawn-out plots, however, I finished Les Misérables faster than either of the previous titles in the Manga Classics series.

This interpretation of Les Misérables is one of the best ways to introduce readers to the story of Jean Valjean. With its focused storytelling and beautiful illustrations, exploring France from 1813 to 1832 has never been so enjoyable.

Les Miserables Manga Review

Les Misérables is a depressing story about freedom, justice, religion, and love. The seemingly endless struggles of the main characters are difficult to experience, no matter how it’s being presented to the audience.

I found myself relating more to the characters in the manga because of their child-like features that are contrasted with the violence that surrounds them. One of the strongest elements of this art style is how people are illustrated with so much personality and expression.

It happened of itself, in the calm way;
that after the night, comes the new day.

The Manga Classics version of Les Misérables is my new favourite way to experience this renowned story. With beautiful illustrations and a perfectly condensed narrative, readers of all ages should check this graphic novel out.

For a different take on this adaptation, check out this review on Kimyouna Onna. This concludes the third part of my Manga Classics review series. Check back tomorrow for the next entry in the series, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

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