Great Expectations

Great Expectations is another story that I’ve never read in its original format. While it’s been on my list to experience for years, I’ve never made it much of a priority. This ignorance helped me enjoy the manga differently than I have with stories I’ve already read.

While some people might have objections to how characters are illustrated in the manga versus their descriptions in the story or have an issue with plot elements that didn’t make it into this version, I’m not going to discuss these points.

Great Expectations Manga Review

My ignorance going into this manga is refreshing for me because it helped me to enjoy the story for what it was. Written by Charles Dickens, Great Expectations is a story about wealth, poverty, love, and good versus evil.

Thanks to popular culture, I was already familiar with the story and its characters. From the beginning graveyard scene to the beautiful Estella, my rough understanding of the book guided me during my reading of the manga version.

Great Expectations Manga Review

The Manga Classic adaptation of Great Expectations is well-written, with the scenes following nicely between chapters. There is a bit of a slow down near the middle of the story, but otherwise, I found the manga a fast novel to read through.

I loved her against reason, against promise, against peace, against hope, against happiness, against all discouragement that could be.

The illustrations in the manga are as perfectly drawn as I’ve come to expect from the series. The characters come to life with panels filled with love, cruelty, hatred, kindness, and loneliness. I thought Pip, Joe, and Estella, in particular, were captured beautifully.

Overall, the Manga Classics adaptation of Great Expectations is an interesting story that only has a couple moments where it drags a little. Whether you’ve experienced the story before, or are a new reader, this is a wonderful way to experience the classic tale.

For a different take on this adaptation, check out this review on Kimyouna Onna. This concludes the sixth part of my Manga Classics review series. Check back tomorrow for the next entry in the series, Jane Eyre.

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