Littlest Bookshelf is a website where I review children’s books and discuss related topics. Each of my reviews is honest and direct. They include a brief synopsis and my thoughts.

Any of the criticisms you read on Littlest Bookshelf is of the literature and not the people who worked on it.

I design Littlest Bookshelf with accessibility in mind. The posts I write are short and precise. This website isn’t a platform for big words or circuitous writing.

You might be wondering about the genres I review. They include picture books, graphic novels, and chapter books.

Think of the lands from your childhood. Narnia. Oz. Neverland. Have you forgotten them? Of course not. I created Littlest Bookshelf because I don’t think children’s books get enough attention. Along with the literary community, I’m working to change that.

There are a lot of bloggers that support different types of literature. You should find the authors that speak to you and show them some love. They’re writing for you.

While you’re here you should take a look around. I’m sure something will catch your eye.

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I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Until then, try to find a story from your past. Soon you’ll remember that the biggest adventures are always kept on the littlest bookshelf.